Explore Farming: Farm Life

This section will help you understand more about what life is like on a farm. The Family Farm Project of Knox County, Ohio, owns the page.

Go to Farm Life and It’s Community.


Click on each of the pictures on the bottom of the page. Start with the man on the left with the many hats on his head, work to the right on the page, and finish with the picture of the tractor on the book. If you see a brown “Go” button at the bottom right of any page, be sure to click to get more information. You will NOT be answering questions from all of the pages attached to the pictures!

Study Questions

  • A farmer has to be many things at once to make the farm successful. In your own words, describe the following terms.
    a. Chef
    b. Business person
    c. Mechanic/ carpenter
    d. Weather person
    e. Forest ranger
    f. Scientist
    g. Political activist
    h. Veterinarian
    i. Historian
  • What are three examples of chores that children would have to do on a farm?
  • In your own words, how would you describe a work ethic? How does this help run a farm?
  • How are farmers’ relationships with their neighbors the same or different from yours? How might this help run a farm?
  • Which of the two poems, “The Orchard,” or “Prayers and Sayings of the Mad Farmer,” was your favorite? Why? How do both explain the word “stewardship?”
  • Why are 4-H and Future Farmers of America so important to farmers?



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