Options and Extensions

Final Project Options


Visit the CropLife Ambassador Network website Choose one or more presentations for which you would like to schedule a guest speaker.

  • Draw a very detailed picture of your farm. What will you raise? What types of soil will you have? What machinery will you have to buy and what buildings will you have to build?
  • Create a garden on or near the school grounds. Prepare the soil, sow the seeds, caretake during the growing season, and harvest the crops. Sell your produce at farmers’ markets or back to the school to be used to prepare school lunches.
  • Research your state/ area’s main crops. Where do these crops go after harvest? What soils, fertilizers, weather conditions and other factors must exist to make the best crops? Make a Powerpoint of your findings.
  • Plan a field trip to a grocery store or farm. Create a list of questions to ask before you go. Create posters showing what you learned. Be sure to write thank yous to your tour guides!
  • Create and run your own Agronomy Day. Determine the topics to be presented, schedule the guest speakers using people from your area or CropLife. Invite schools from your area to attend, or have other grades in your school visit.
  • Create a powerpoint of crops that grow and livestock that are raised on farms in your area.

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