Explore Farming: What’s on a Farm

Student Directions

This section will help you understand more about the different types of things on a farm.

In a moment you will go to another web page. When you are on that web page, click on each of the pictures on the page. Each of these things can be found on a farm. Once you click on a picture, you will need to read and answer a question.

In your journal, keep track of the questions you answer correctly – and ones you answer incorrectly.

Now to begin the exercise, click on this link: What’s on an Illinois Farm?. (The page is owned by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.) When you are done, return to this web page.

Study Questions

  • Which questions did you answer correctly – and which ones did you not answer correctly?
    (answers will vary)
  • How many of these animals, crops, and machines had you seen before?
    (answers will vary)



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