Starting a Farm: Crops & Livestock

Now that the farmer has the soil ready, he/she needs to pick out the seed of what he/she wants to grow. CropLife Ambassador Network and Ray Sullivan own the page.

Click on the picture to go to Seeds of the Midwest Powerpoint presentation
Seeds of the Midwest


Farmers need to decide what crops to grow. Watch the following powerpoint to learn more about the many different types of seeds and answer the study questions.

Study Question(s)

  • How do corn, soybean, wheat and alfalfa seeds look alike? How do they look different?
  • Which of these seeds can you grow in your backyard?
  • How do you think corn syrup is made from corn seeds?

Many different types of livestock live on farms. These pages are owned by HowStuffWorks, Inc and eHow.


Some farmers choose to raise livestock on the farms. Some of the most common in the Midwest are cattle, chickens, sheep and pigs. Go to the following websites, watch the many video clips, read, and fill in the following chart.

Go to these four websites:

EHow: Chickens
EHow: Why People Raise Sheep
EHow: Pigs

Study Question(s)

Using the websites, fill in the following chart

Animal What they eat What type of shelter they need roducts from the animal 4 breed names
Pigs/ Swine



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