Starting a Farm: Climate

Farmers have always been at the mercy of weather and climate. These pages are owned by Midwestern Regional Climate Center, Sinclair Acquisition IV, Inc., and The Climate Source, Inc.

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You now need to know something about the weather and climate in the area you have decided to farm. You need pay close attention to temperatures, precipitation levels and patterns, and the length of a typical farming season. Once you have located the information, answer the following questions.

Go to any of these sites to help you. You may have to click into many different areas.
Midwest Regional Climate Center
Climate Source

Study Question(s)

  • What are the average high and low temperatures in January and July in your area?
  • Is there a period of the year when the farm will not be used for growing crops? Why do you think this?
  • What is the average annual precipitation in your area?
  • When does your region get most of its rainfall?


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