Starting a Farm: Equipment

Farmers have to have buildings to protect their investments. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., and Public Broadcasting Service own these pages.


Farmers have to have places to live, store equipment, seed, animals, and many other tools. Go to the websites below, read the information and click on the pictures on the left side of the pages.

Go to:
Corn Crib
PBS: Farmhouses

Study Question(s)

  • Copy the chart in your journal, and then add the following information. Use as much room as you would like for your pictures.
Draw a picture of the building What is this building used for?
Barns (there are many designs)
Ear corn cribs
Pole barns

Farmers used to use their hands and farm animals to work their farms. Now they have complicated, expensive equipment to improve crop production and efficiency. Kansas State University, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., Jefferson County Water, and The Family Farm Project own these pages.


There are many different types of tractors and equipment that farmers use. Farming can be an expensive job because the equipment costs so much. Go to the following websites, read and study the pictures, and then answer the following questions.

Go to Field day: Equipment.

Study Question(s)

  • Would it be easy to buy farm equipment if you didn’t have much money? Why or why not?

Go to Farm Equipment. Click on any of the links so you can see pictures and read more information about many different types of farm equipment.

Study Question(s)

  • What do each of the pieces of farm equipment do?
    a. Plow
    b. Seed drill
    c. Center pivot irrigation
    d. Combine harvester
    e. Baler
    f. Loader

Go to New Ag Technology. There are three hyperlinks, and as you explore those, be sure to look for and click on the brown, round “Go” button in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Study Question(s)

  • How are farmers using new technologies to help them farm? (Example TV, computer, GPS).
  • Do you think this would make the farm run better and more efficiently? Why or why not?



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