Lesson Units

Agriculture is a great theme to teach the interaction of science, social science and technology. These lessons, aligned with the National Education Standards, use scientifically based facts to teach students about modern agriculture-an important American industry from which children are becoming farther and farther removed. In conjunction with these lesson plans, show the downloadable PowerPoint slides available under the “Presentations” tab of this website. Great topics to be used around Earth Day or Thanksgiving.

View and Print PDF Versions below:

Unit 1 – Science of Ag (11 page PDF)

Unit 2 – Social Science of Ag (15 page PDF)

Unit 3 – Technology of Ag (18 page PDF)

Unit 4 – Benefits of Mod Ag (14 page PDF)

Unit 5 – Biofuels (16 page PDF)

View answers (PDF) to all the above lesson units here.